My research includes books, journal articles, and edited volumes that explore the literature, thought, and culture of ancient Judaism & Christianity through the lens of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Research on Ancient Judaism’s Aramaic Heritage

Andrew Perrin Qumran Cave 4I explore how the Hebrew Scriptures came together in the ancient world (transmission) as well as how scribes and communities understood them (reception). I am particularly interested in the way these two interests intersect in Jewish Aramaic literature penned in the Second Temple period. By rooting my research program in a common language of the ancient Near East, I’m able to dig deep into individual works and explore their literary, theological, and cultural outlooks in light of Aramaic texts in other collections (e.g., Hebrew Bible, apocrypha, pseudepigrapha, etc.) . Since the Dead Sea Scrolls provided original language copies of several already known texts (e.g., Daniel 2-7, Tobit, 1 Enoch) as well as copies of previously unknown writings (e.g., Genesis Apocryphon and Visions of Amram), the Qumran library provides an ideal space for my studies on the content and contours of ancient Judaism’s Aramaic heritage.

Research Publications

My published work in this area has included an award-winning monograph (The Dynamics of Dream-Shores of Dead SeaVision Revelation in the Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls [Vandenhoek & Ruprecht]), journal articles in leading academic publications (e.g., Journal of Biblical Literature [SBL], Vetus Testamentum [Brill], and Dead Sea Discoveries [Brill]), and contributions to edited volumes and entries in reference works (e.g., Theological Dictionary of the Qumran Texts [Kolhammer], (SBL), and T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism [T&T Clark]). I regularly present the outcomes of my research at academic meetings, such those of the Society of Biblical Literature and Canadian Society of Biblical Studies.

Current Research Projects

My current research projects include a commentary on a cross-section of Aramaic texts at Qumran for the Eerdmans Commentaries on the Dead Sea Scrolls series, a volume on the text and interpretation of Daniel for submission to Vetus Testamentum Supplements (Brill), and an edited volume in honour of my late colleague Peter Flint for the Early Judaism and Its Literature Series (SBL).

For full a comprehensive list of my written contributions, see my curriculum vitae.